We welcome interest from a wide range of prospective investors.

Historically our funds have been limited partnerships with commitment from various institutional sources, including pension funds, clearing banks and European Union initiatives; however, since 2011 we have embraced tax-efficient investment and welcomed private investors.

Over the last two decades, our investment remit has ranged widely across regional, national and global opportunities. In the majority of cases, the targeted investee company is in the very broad-based sector, either developing or commercialising it. we have broadened our in-depth experience by investing in other sectors such as Retail, Leisure,  Food, Drink, Aerospace/Aviation, Oil and Gas, Telecommunication, Technology, Energy, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Hospitality, Mining, Commodity Traders, Vehicle Distributors/Dealerships, Farming, Commodities Trading, Manufacturers, BioPharmaceuticals, Film Production Companies, Wind Mills, Power & Water Treatment Plants, Telecommunications Systems, Inventors with Purchase Orders, Business Franchises, Import & Export and service ventures.

During this time, we have invested in approaching 100 hundred companies, of which our experience has shown that when investing patience –and a long-term strategy – are the keys to financial success. Indeed, some of our earliest portfolio companies are only now starting to realise the value that was envisaged many years ago.

With the quarterly investment, our Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) funds welcome new commitments throughout the year, and without initial cost, meaning that tax relief is available on 100% of your commitment and commitment is deployed within weeks.

Types Of Investments

We currently support two types of currency investments >>>

With a wide range of loans on the market and various products designed for speed, short terms, growth projects, or small businesses With so many different lenders, it’s hard to know where to start. Note that the eligibility criteria for business loans vary and Our funding criteria is not limited to new projects but also to company’s seeking finance for expansion so if you’re considering a business loan, there are a lot of things you need to bear in mind which includes;

1. How much finance do you need?
2. what is the finance for?
3. How long do you need the finance for?
4. How established is your business?
5. What is your company’s typical monthly turnover?
6. What is your company’s monthly burn rate?

This is also a direct investment whereby the prospective borrower is mandated to ensure that the project adheres to the Environmental Sustainability, Climate action, Natural disasters and Risk identification which is also a key criterion.

For further correspondence and document submission, feel free to contact our investor’s relation on invest@severnfundingninvestment.com